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Dr. Risa Ravitz

Dr. Risa Ravitz is the Founder and President of Modern Migraine MD. Her deep interest in the pain management of headaches led her to expand her expertise at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital at Columbia University with additional training in headache medicine. Her work has been covered by several reputable media outlets.

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Why Patients Love Modern Migraine MD

Affordable concierge Migraine doctor. Concierge service from the comfort of home. Access Dr. Ravitz easily and quickly by email and telemedicine follow up.
No more waiting for the right expert doctor. No waiting in ER’s, on hold, or searches for the right care.
Fast appointment times. Get the expert migraine doctor without waiting months for an office appointment. No travel and waiting in germ filled waiting rooms

Get evaluated from your couch. Get the right advice, Neurologic diagnosis, medications as needed and coordination of care with your primary care doctor.

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